Common Ground - Seminar zu Youth Advocacy

Common Ground - Seminar zu Youth Advocacy

This is a 4-day training seminar in which we shared good practices of youth advocacy on local level and train the participants in starting up youth advocacy in their own local organisations and communities.
The first 2 days follow a deductive learning process. The pax will be introduced to different conceptual frameworks influencing the development of our own approach to youth advocacy. The first day we focus on the Human Rights and Advocacy, which is the basis for our advocacy. After this framework is built up, we will revisit it exploring how advocacy works on all these levels. The second day will reflect on Catholic social teaching as the foundation of social justice within the catholic worldview. The pax will be introduced to key concepts and methods applied, and will reflect on the interreligious dimension. From this introduction they are to identify obstacles, challenges and good practices which can be relevant for building our own conceptual framework and strategies. Through the European participants we are bringing in a broader perspective.
The last 2 days we switch to an inductive learning process. The pax will first develop a conceptual framework, defining key concepts and procedures. Afterwards they develop advocacy and representation strategies which allow us to use the conceptual framework to influence policy makers. This includes strategies to collect input from and give feedback to our grassroots, and capacity-building processes for our network and MOs. The last day the pax bring everything together into a draft a Youth Advocacy Toolkit, which will be the product we work on towards the end of the project.

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bis 10. September 2018 an sarah.kusche[at]

Beginn: 11. Oktober 2018 , 18:00
Ende: 14. Oktober 2018 , 10:00

Krakau, Polen

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